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Increasing Awareness, Care and Treatment for CAPS
and other autoinflammatory diseases.
Patient Resources
Many patients with autoinflammatory diseases, or other rare diseases may feel that they are alone, but there are other people in the world that have these diseases, and communities online where they can connect with each other. We try to help patients to find the information that they need, specialists that can help them and other patients and families that can relate to them.

The Connect Links page include a growing list of online communities, patient groups and other helpful organizations. The Patient Resources page includes links to many helpful sites, such as: The National Patient Travel Center, information and directories for the NIH, The Children's Inn and much more.

The Photos page features various photos from patients, NOMID Alliance events, Rare Diseases Day, or other photos that show patients or our organization helping to increase awareness about autoinflammatory diseases. We hope that this photo area will inspire others, and give hope to others around the world that are suffering from autoinflammatory diseases.

The NOMID Alliance is also trying to organize regional picnics around the United States for patients to gather in their part of the country to meet in person. More information on upcoming picnics, or other events will be in the News area of our website, and will also be posted on our Facebook page, and also in our quarterly newsletter email.

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